DPR Construction uses Innovation to Build Highly Complex & Technical Data Centers.

The use of new software applications and technology on the jobsite helped DPR keep an important data center project on schedule and maximize available VDC talent. 

Avvir Automates Analysis & Interior Scans.

Leveraging reality capture technology for as-built analysis enables fast turnaround, which is critical to delivering fast-track, high-profile data center projects efficiently.

The game plan was for DPR's project teams to use VDC tools to support each phase of the campus construction and keep progress on schedule by mitigating potential installation issues or rework. During the project's design phase, key trade partners were involved in creating the 3D Building Information Model (BIM). After DPR worked through the constructability of the model to ensure there were no significant design issues or conflicts, the MEP trades fabricated and installed their conduits/piping directly based on the 3D model data.

To ensure installation was completed per the coordinated 3D model, the VDC team used laser scans of completed installation for comparison against the BIM. By importing scan data back into the building model, the VDC team could compare the as-built MEP system installation tolerances against their as-designed location within the model. This would give project managers information to correct any installation errors prior to pouring concrete or verify in-wall penetrations prior to finishing up drywall installation.

However, scanning construction progress proved to be a bottleneck in tracking installed scopes and measuring installation accuracy. A key part of this challenge was, like so many other labor challenges in construction, a lack of skilled technical professionals to do the work and the pace and scale of scanning and analysis required to keep up with construction. DPR’s Northeast Field Technology Manager Tim Conroy explained, "We came to a point where there weren’t sufficient resources available to complete scans or do the scan reviews in a timely manner. That's why we reached out to Avvir for help."

The Featured Data Center Project. 

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The project scope included five separate data centers that were delivered over multiple phases, inclusive of rooftop air handling equipment, outdoor standby diesel generators, and a separate electrical substation among various other components.

The data center customers' number one challenge is getting to market as quickly as possible. Timeline and schedule constraints are the top priority for project managers. However, the push for completing construction as quickly as possible cannot overshadow the need for strict adherence to design specifications. Data centers are certified using detailed criteria that accounts for backup power systems, climate controls, fire suppression and fault detection.

For contractors like DPR, measuring trade contractor progress is critical for keeping projects on schedule. On this data center project, the team leveraged VDC tools including extensive laser scanning efforts to enhance efficiency and quality as they worked to deliver a world class data center campus.

DPR is a leader in data center construction.

DPR Construction is ranked among the top 10 general contractors in the United States. It is a global self-performing contractor and construction manager with extensive experience in five core markets, including data center projects for leading technology companies.  

The company focuses on delivering measurable value and executes each project with relentless accountability. As an industry leader, DPR utilizes advanced preconstruction/construction methodologies that include collaborative project delivery approaches, prefabrication and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) techniques.


Increasingly, project teams have begun to rely on laser scans to measure construction progress and manage quality on their projects. This workflow offers an objective way for project managers to validate construction progress of mechanical systems for schedule and billing verification. Furthermore, owners have assurance that their facilities are built based on the coordinated design, and they have a quality end deliverable at turnover with accurate as-built information.   

Using the Avvir software gives VDC teams an automated platform that eliminates manual scan review and deviation analysis. This is extremely valuable because there is less time spent on manual analysis; it is faster, accurate and less prone to error. Teams can apply themselves in more value-added tasks.


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About Tim Conroy.

Northeast Field Technology Group Manager, DPR Construction

Tim Conroy is responsible for supporting the Field Technology Group in DPR Construction’s northeast region. He also supports the UAS Group which focuses on safe, consistent and compliant use of UAVs in construction. Tim has been in the construction industry for over 11 years and continues to push the boundaries on the use of cutting-edge technology.

Working with the owner's reps, DPR's project team came to an agreement on guidelines for scanning the million-square-foot building. "The client requested the whole building be scanned for as-built verification and then validated to ensure they were getting a high-quality end deliverable," said Conroy. “It was important for the client to know they were not only getting a coordinated design, but a facility that was built per the coordinated model, and subsequently an accurate model that reflected the as-built conditions.”

The customer requested installation tolerances within one inch of the model. Accurate scans were critical to ensure that construction progress was correctly captured. Avvir was able to take the scans performed by DPR and use their Avvir Reality Analysis platform to import scan data back into the model and analyze deviations. 

Automating Scan to BIM Comparison

When DPR's team began using laser scans in 2017 on this case study project, the process was primarily manual. In 2019, Avvir was adopted by the project team to help automate the analysis of interior scans. By 2020, that team adopted the platform for automating the scan to BIM comparisons for all scopes.

The Avvir platform helped DPR deliver on its commitment to the client. The as-built model turned over to the client was accurately updated based on as-built conditions. 

The Challenge Before the use of Avvir.

The project owner saw the benefit in the Avvir platform in improving construction installation tolerances and overall quality, which helped DPR’s VDC teams make a case for investment in subsequent phases of the data center campus.

DPR's VDC team has a refined process for providing owners with confidence that their facilities are built based on coordinated design, and that they are receiving a high-quality end product. In addition, projects using the Avvir software allow them to hand over accurate handover documentation based on as-built construction. 

Avvir is a powerful solution in an industry facing skilled labor shortages and inefficiency. Resource optimization is critical and the Avvir solution allowed DPR to optimize its VDC workforce resources and save time. "What this solution does is let our talented team work more efficiently and open up bandwidth so they can support more work across our business,” said Conroy. 

DPR Construction Benefits.

Capturing Accurate Scans


Clash Detection

Progress Tracking

Investment in the Avvir platform gave DPR the tools to track project progress by trade category. In this example, structural elements including Precast Concrete, Site-Cast Concrete, Structural Framing, Metal Decking, Metal Stairs, and Metal Railings are tracked against a timeline.

DPR Construction is ranked among the Top 50 general contractors in the U.S. and is a global
self-performing commercial contractor and construction manager with extensive experience
constructing data center projects for leading technology companies.

“We wanted everything to be accurate according to the model. If things changed at any point, we had to make sure the model we turned over represented that. The Avvir software made this possible.”

Tim Conroy, DPR Construction

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"Investing in Avvir allowed us to save time and money on finding the problems and instead focus on resolving issues."

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